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About us

Rapid Logistix represents the inland logistics services business division of Rainger Ventures Private Limited (RVPL).

RVPL is a company based in Mumbai area of Maharashtra, India. Headquartered in Asangaon, the company runs its exportation, importation, trading, real estate, logistics, human resources and e-commerce businesses across India and overseas.

Rapid Logistix is well equipped and always ready to deliver real good deals to its clientele, both within India and abroad, based on its industry experience and expertise, supported by in-depth market research support from its back-end. We provide a wide range of smart logistics solutions, neatly integrated, to fulfill even the most complex supply chain needs of customers.



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We are available whenever you need us

We believe that the best way to serve a customer is by remaining available at the time when he needs us the most.

Logistics function is dynamic by nature and is dependent on many internal and external factors. Hence, while routine movements go on as per standard workflow, there are emergencies which arise frequently and that is when a responsible service provider needs to act & support.

We understand all these and hence, we remain only a phone call away from you, always. Call us



We have a SOP for everything we do

We believe that the normal day to day activities of any organization must be run automatically, without requiring frequent management interventions. This is only possible if the organization puts in place a well-documented work-flow for general work-force to follow.

In Rapid Logistix, we have done exactly the same. We are an ISO 9001:2015 organization and have a documented quality system in place. So, when you engage us as your service provider, you actually hire a system to work for you. Call us now


We are an ISO 9001:2015 organization

Our systems and processes are well documented and that is why we can be trusted for our commitments. We follow transparency as an embedded culture across our group of organizations. We speak our minds and bear no stress further. While we believe in celebrating successes, we accept our failures openly in the same spirit. This allows us to keep our hearts clean and work together to strengthen the systems and processes further, ensuring better delivery of services to the customers in future. We know that we are not always 100% perfect, but we aim to reach there. We deliver what we say. Call us now



We are accountable by nature and in spirit

We are a professionally managed organization and responsible corporate citizen of India. We are well experienced in logistics trade and understand the risks associated to it, both for us as well as for our customers. While we always aim to deliver a picture perfect service level, but due to the inherent nature of logistics trade and factors external to our controls, sometimes eventualities do invoke insurance claims. In such cases, we promptly initiate all necessary actions at our end to provide the certificate of facts, along with documentations necessary to process your claim on insurance company.


Over 50 years of experience in logistics trade

We are led by a team of multi-industry experts at the Board and Senior Management levels.

The cumulative supply chain trade experience asset base of our group is actually close to a century as on date. We also have industry veterans associated to our group as Mentors and Critics, who have seen all weathers and terrains in their career span.

So, rest assured. We deliver what we promise. Call us now



Experts in innovative supply chain integration

We seize every opportunity to suggest optimization to our customers. Operating at the grass-root level, such possibilities are noticed first by us. We analyze, debate, brain-storm and evaluate the concept through simulations, internally, before suggesting to respective customers. Most of these opportunities are seen in the areas of possible SCM module twigging and integration, increasing delivery efficiencies and/or reducing costs. While it is on our customers to either accept or reject our suggestions, we keep our ears and eyes open to capture the next opportunity to innovate. Call us now